Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Let's kill ALL the flies!!

At the Perth train station a couple of weeks ago, there was an elderly lady wearing a fly net under her hat. I didn't notice her until, waving her arms about, she shouted "When will they spray this city for flies?"

Great Red-Eyed Flesh Fly
Liosarcophaga dux
It had never crossed my mind that people might expect such a thing and, personally, I'd much prefer the odd fly (they are a bit pesky at the moment) to having the entire city sprayed with poison. I also suspect that the consequence of mass spraying would be the exact opposite of what this lady wants, because spraying would also kill the beneficial insects. If you killed off all flies and all dung beetles at the same time, the fly population would recover much faster. With no dung beetles, the flies would have a plentiful supply of food and before we knew it there would be more flies than ever before.
Western Dung Beetle
Onthophagus ferox

Lets just hope this was the ranting of a crazy woman*, and no-one ever takes her seriously.

* OK, to be fair, maybe she was just misinformed, or had a bad experience with flies once. Maybe she saw The Fly as a child and was scarred for life, or something. but, hey, she was shouting to the world at the train station!